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Customs Clearance

We provide seamless clearance of your cargo through Customs. We back ourselves with over 50 years of experience and upto-date knowledge of all Government and Legal requirements..

Quarantine Clearance

We can help you with all types of Quarantine and Imported Food clearance. Our advise on document requirements and Import Permit will save you extra cost and quick delivery of your good...

Domestic Transport

We provide transport service to deliver anywhere across Australia. Not matter how small or big your freight is, it will be delivered on time

Sea Transportation

With the introduction of Sea Waybills, Express Bills of Lading, Telex release and surrendered bills of ladings, clearance may, in most instances, be facilitated on emailed or faxed...

Air Transportation

Prompt clearance is required as storage charges apply to all cargo which is not collected within specified time frames. We can attend to most regulatory issues prior to arrival of youR…

Parcels Post

Packages arriving are “screened” by Australian Customs and Quarantine. If the regulatory authority deems further information or a Formal import declaration is required to…



Aligned is a wholly owned Australian family company which was established in November 1969. Since Aligned’s inception, we have prided ourselves in maintaining a professional service to our clients in catering for their needs in the import / export logistics chain. In providing this service we have also maintained a personal touch in that our key “contact personnel” have been with us for over 15 years


No Offshoring....All wages and taxes paid in Australia

With over 50 years of Industry experience we can guarantee smooth and timely processing of your freight through Customs & Quarantine.

Careful Handling of Valuable Goods

We care for your cargo and plan everything in detail for safe delivery of your cargo

On-Time Delivery

We understand the importance of time and your urgency to receive your cargo.

Best Logistics

We promise to guarantee quality and best logistics solution for your business model.

Cargo security

Your cargo is in safe hands once in control of Aligned Customs Services. Be it your first import or valuable cargo, it will safely and securely delivered to you.



Our Air & Sea freight shipping services include:

  • Both import and export of your international consignments
  • Customs & Quarantine clearance
  • Airport and wharf domestics transport

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