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    Sea Transportation

    With the introduction of Sea Waybills, Express Bills  of Lading, Telex release and surrendered bills of ladings, clearance may, in most instances, be facilitated on emailed or  faxed documents. If an original of lading is issued at the origin and all copies are  not surrendered to the issuing office, the correctly endorsed original bill of lading is required to be lodged with  the representatives’ office in the destination port to obtain a delivery order.

    As with airfreight, storage charges accrue after a specified time frame for consignments which remain uncollected at the expiry of the free period.
    Prompt action by you, the importer, in providing the necessary documentation well in advance of the vessel arrival will be beneficial in the clearance process.

    Minimum Documentation  to Facilitate clearance, must be in English and clearly legible :

    •  Commercial Invoice (not pro-forma)
    •  Packing L:ist
    •  Quarantine Packing declaration
    •  Bill of Lading
    •  Completed Letter of Authorisation & Acknowledgement of Trading Conditions
    •  Evidence of Identity


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